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Dave Daubenmire at right, President of F.A.C.T. (Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers) is seated here with Gregory Thompson, Executive Director of  F.A.C.T.   Both men lead ministries of action to wake up sleeping Christians and get them to step out of the boat.  Dave founded Pass the Salt  Ministries and Minutemen United.  Gregory is founder of  America ASLEEP kNOw MORE.  Both warriors have now joined forces with Christian teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents in the government school system, along with those in private Christian schools and home schools.  As they give all honor and glory to God, through His guidance and will, they are bringing together those with and without children and grandchildren that want to protect the children's souls for eternity from all walks of life.  Carpenters, lawyers, doctors, businessmen & women, housewives, farmers, and people from many vocations come together to give a voice for God in all parts of society.  This is especially true when it affects their education.  Pray that God's wisdom and leading will guide their steps.


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