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Mission, Vision, Strategy, Objective


This is an “ACTION MINISTRY” that Christ has put into motion

 to give an awakening to Christians.

Below are a few of our foundational statements.


Mission:  Help Christians come together as the Body of Christ to do God’s Will.

Vision:  Put a Christian Team Council for Christ in every town.  Committed men and women from all Christian denominations, to let Christians know their rights, to let Christians know how those rights have been violated, and to help Christians know what they can do.  To put God and our Christian heritage back into our government and our schools.

Core Values:  To establish a Christian Team Council in every town in America that is filled with Christian men and women committed to protecting the future of every child in the nation.  Committed men and women to bring solidarity and awareness among all denominations of Christians to stand up for good and against evil, as we do God’s will.

Strategy:  To have Christian Team Councils in every town to pray, discuss and act on past and current issues that are detrimental to the good of our Christian Nation and our souls.

Objective:  To have Christian Team Councils in every town to wake up Christians, stop the immoral decline in our country, and put God back as the foundation of our families and institutions.

Structure:  With Christ as our leader, under the “ASLEEP kNOw MORE” Foundation, and the Christian Councils for accountability.



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Mission, Vision, Objective

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