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Be Pro-Active, not Re-Active


Be proactive not reactive***take the fight to our domestic enemies***ACLU, activist judges, immoral legislators, amoral Hollywood, biased media, untruthful educators, and satanic humanists.

The ugliness of pornography***ACLU lies that it is a First Amendment freedom. This destroys families and ugly suffering to men, women, and children.

The ugliness of abortion***Planned parenthood celebrates the taking of over 3500 innocent lives daily.

Religious liberty, creation vs. evolution, the homosexual agenda, humanist hold on education system***and many more areas to work on.

We have plenty to do and many more things can be added *** step out of the boat, put on your breast plate and be a warrior for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ***No Retreat

Pray to God daily to use you where he needs you.

We are commanded to resist the devil and to put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to withstand in the evil day, (Ephesians 6:13-17) Christ is the one we must go to for protection from Satan.

Please Add to actions as you let the Holy Spirit direct your path, open up and each person, young or old has something to offer the Body of Christ***Trust in Him and step out of the boat. JESUS said, "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mathew 16:26)

May God Bless each of you as you start your council, and please help all of us with your thoughts if you can make things better for the one we serve***All Honor and Glory to Jesus.

My Love and Prayers***Gregory

Please provide the following contact information:


First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
  1. Select any of the following options that apply:

    01 - I can lead discussions on moral issues
    02 - I can teach children about moral issues
    03 - I can write letters to newspapers on moral issues
    04 - I can write and call representatives, senators and all that are in authority
    05 - I can start organizing and seeking someone to run for school board, and all the way to the president.
    06 - I can help purchase resources to help enlighten others
    07 - I can step outside of my comfort zone to give Godís love in my daily walk
    08 - When called I could stand with others that belong to Christ, against evil.
    09 - I can participate in public meetings and forums
    10 - I can circulate petitions when needed
    11 - I can lobby elected officials
    12 - I can speak out on matters of Peace and Justice can educate myself to tell everyone I come in contact with the truth that is not told by the established media, letting the people know their rights and what they can do.
    13 - I could as a Christian, do no less than our Founding Fathers that signed the Declaration of Independence, by pledging my life, my fortune, and my Sacred Honor.
    14 - I can set up internet connections to distribute information to others.
    15 - I can connect AKM to other churches, towns, and areas of the state and country.
    16 - I can connect AKM to other ministries to work together.
    17 - I can look at each textbook that comes into the schools and check with other Christian ministries to see if there is any hidden agendas, revisions,  omissions, or lies being taught to the children.
    18 - I can look at each book going into the library for the children.
    19 - I can work with other parents to control the curriculum taught to our children, putting the standards taught to our children back at local control, and opting out of all federal government control of education***right of the Constitution.
    20 - Maybe you could purchase some books for distribution, we have given out many books and need to give many more to educate Christians to what is going on.
    21 - Expose amoral candidates and incumbents.
    22 - Run for a public office from school board, mayor, representative, senator, president, or get other Christians to consider the possibility of running for  office.
    23 - I could help fund Pro-Moral, Pro Family Organizations.
    24 - Put together or attend a Christian group/club. AAKM will help with resources.
    25 - Buy Billboard space to put up messages against any perversions like pornography, Abortion, gambling, etc.
    26 - Call in to talk shows, supporting Biblical messages, and challenging those that are against Godís laws.
    27 - Host a bible study to cover yourself, family, and friends with the wisdom of God.
    28 - Run for a political office with Jesus as your lead.
    29 - Sponsor an all school, student lead prayer meeting.
    30 - Walk around the school in intercessory prayer, daily or weekly.
    31 - Form a prayer group before school each morning to pray for the board, administration and staff that they may have the strength to do what is right for the children in the eyes of God and not man.
    32 - Pray for guidance and ways that you can add more actions that all of us may work together as the Body of Christ for the souls of those as risk, especially the children.


Copyright © 2003 [America Asleep kNOw More]. All rights reserved.


Ways Satan uses people and lies to devour children's souls, and take them to hell for eternity.

Let all legislators know that you are in favor of vouchers so that parents may choose,  there are many lies being told so All of our taxes can continue to be directed to a failing system for our children and grandchildren.  The proposals for vouchers are not nearly strong enough, you might mention that as you give your support.  GOD BLESS

Springfield council has information to share with all the councils and with those that visit.  Read the two House Bills regarding human sexuality and biological origins.  These are HB34 & HB35, respectively.  Go to  and do a search for these two bills using the above numbers.  Some may have concerns about the bills in the present form not being strong enough.  Let your legislator know how you feel, and give them your support.  Contact them, and contact the members of the education committee, at the above web address.  Obtain the names and contact information for the leadership of your church, hellp them to make these issues points of emphasis in their church.  GOD BLESS

Each and every day more than 8,000 teens contract a new sexually transmitted disease.  85% of these teens do not know they have a life threatening disease.  As a teen, parent or friend you need to know how to deal with this rampant epidemic.  For more information please contact us at (417) 754-8774.

The Federal Marriage Amendment is set to go before the Senate soon.  Please pray and call your national Representative and Senator.

Representative Mark Wright has joined the Uninterrupted Prayer Team and Senator Delbert Scott is joining also, please give then a call and encourage their willingness to stand up for God, Family, and Country.

Please Pray first, then respond to the alerts, and wait in peace as God works through us.  Love and Prayers.



Be pro-active, not re-active

Educate, educate, educate

Know your biblical Christian view


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