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Satan's Road Blocks


Satan will attack and lay roadblocks to anyone working for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Give everyone involved these thoughts***and the knowledge that we must ask Jesus for His strength and power daily***Satan will be attacking.

He will try to have you put anything and everything ahead of your work for Jesus.

He will try to blind you to the power you have when you yield to and obey Godís call.

He will try to have you look for faults in others as a reason not to be a part.

He will try to convince you to focus on yourselves and on having time***versus what is needed for eternity.

He will try to oppress you to the point of just giving up, saying, "whatís the use" !!!

He will continue to have Christians fight and squabble with one another over unimportant issues. Blind them to the fact that they believe so much in common. And blind them to the fact that when they work together they are much more powerful.

He will try to convince the individual Christians that they are tiny and alone and powerless and cannot impact the world.

He will tempt Christians to complacency, to not taking stands on vital world, national, and local issues, blinding them to the fact that when they you rely on God you can make a huge difference.

He will try to blind Christians to their blessings so that they donít give thanksgiving and praise to God. Attempting to limit the strength they receive when they accept Godís graces and blessings.

He will try to blind them to the battles that are raging around and within them and in the Church and world.

He will try to do all he can to distract Christians from praying in all ways***together and individually.

You will probably be able to add to the ways that Satan will bring his Evil and Ugliness in front of others, sometimes in a false beauty so as to devour souls.

May God Bless you always***Gregory



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Satan's Roadblocks