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Newsletter October 2005



Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;…..Jeremiah 1:5 (KJ)                                                                                     October, 2005

Governor Matt Blunt, traveled across Missouri to sign into law the SB1 bill on abortion.  While we may not agree with every decision our leaders make, we will stand with them when they do what is right. Keep Governor Blunt & our legislators in your prayers as they make decisions on life and especially concerning embryonic stem cell research, which is against God.

Governor Matt Blunt & Gregory Thompson
September 23. @Pregnancy Care Center ,Springfield.
aborted woman:1:one of the class of women whose lives have been permanently altered by the experience of abortion.2: a woman who experiences self-alienation because of her separation from her unborn child. 3:a woman who feels that she has lost a] part of herself-physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually-after an abortion.




“Jesus is the Standard”
Operation Save America
A ministry started by Flip Benham, (check out this web-site) held a OSA Regional event in Wichita, Kansas, Oct. 5-8. They shared the truth about abortion, on the overpasses, the abortion clinics, high schools & universities. Sharing the love of Jesus and alternatives to abortion, AAkM was blessed to be apart of the event one day.  We met some great warriors, a church that has a presence at the abortion clinic once a week, sharing an alternative to killing an unborn child. Both clinics have alternatives to abortion right next door.

Devin, Judy, Ronda & Donna

When will the Sleeping Church WAKE UP?
How much longer will God stand by while America continues to allow the slaughter of innocent unborn babies.  The trip to Wichita opened my eyes to the truth of deception. Although God opened my eyes long ago of the way he felt about abortion, there was a time in my life that I am not proud of.  I bought into the worldview, it’s a woman’s choice, how can a man protest against something he would never face a decision on. It is legal, why do
they protest against it? Now I have those answers. A women’s choice is before she gets pregnant, not after. Godly men should stand up and defend the life of an unborn child, WWJD? God will not bless a nation that allows this holocaust of the unborn to continue.
When I speak of the church, I am talking about  Christian‘s, you and me. We are the church!
AAkM will have an action on abortion soon. Please be in prayer for this as we want to bring a message of Love, Forgiveness & Mercy if they have had an abortion, or an alternative if they are considering one. We will all stand before Almighty God one day and give an account of our lives. STAND FOR JESUS! Make a difference. Would you be apart of saving a life?  Could you share the love of Jesus to a hurting woman, that doesn’t know what to do now that she is pregnant, or needs help to heal, now that she made the wrong choice? If you are willing, God will use you.
God can use you.

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless  they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.
                                                                              Martin Luther

Why should teachers seek an alternative to their union or organization?
Why should Christians raise up Jesus and replace all the teacher unions and organizations? Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers *FACT* is like a Christian PTA that seeks to put our once great nation back on the foundation of Jesus Christ. This is not to denigrate the teachers at all***most of them are very good Christians and need each of us to stand behind them ***the teachers are unaware of what their organizations have been doing in an active way, and in silent way. This is to inform and give education for those that ask the question “why” would anyone belong to any organization that through action or inaction work against God, Family & Country.
Is your teacher organization for the slaughter of innocent children, for the homosexual agenda, against God in school and traditional family values?  Have they stood up to defend the rights you believe in?
Are they aware of how our textbooks have been altered to take God out of our nation’s history? Are they for taking the Bible, Prayer and the Ten Commandments out of school?

Is there SIN in SILENCE?  Jesus is the TRUTH so how do we teach the children without the truth, because to do so is to lie. Atheist have attacked God, History, Science, Morality and Tolerance by lying and redefining.
Jesus is the Standard that we should always look for being Christians as we are involved within the world.

We are enclosing an application for FACT. Our prayer is that every Christian would want to be apart of FACT.
Visit our web-site that is still under construction:
If you would like a packet to share with family & friends contact our office: or 417-754-8774

*A special thank you to those who help us out financially, no matter the amount!
*Thank you Nettie & Odessa from the Bolivar council for helping get the newsletters out. We appreciate you!
*We are thankful for Devin, our youngest warrior, who is ready for the battle!

Keep AAkM in your prayers.

Joplin Summit a Success
When more Christians hear the trumpet of warning and decide that they will stand up, it is a success. The entire weekend was so beautiful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus was able to see into His children’s hearts and smile as they were seeking to learn what was going on, and making decisions to step out of the boat. Dave Daubenmire and I started out in Branson on Saturday morning at the Baldknobbers, taping two 30 minute programs for the Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers and Dave’s testimony. We then were on a radio station out of Ohio on the way to Joplin, asking Christians to stand up. When we got to Joplin, we met with R.L. Beasley, Bruce Shortt, and Shawn DeGraff to pray and prepare to awaken more Christians to what is going on, who is behind it and what they could do. It is sad that there were people there that day and people that will receive this newsletter that have family members and friends that are heading to Hell, because they have been blinded by the gods of this world. We have to do everything that we can to awaken those we love, and pray for those we may see as enemies of the cross. You can read these words and know that Jesus is calling you to stand, but you have to make the effort after you pray, to stand up and take action. Do you want Jesus to say the words, “I never knew you” when family and friends stand in His presence. We can keep thinking we will do something tomorrow, and how many souls will go to Hell while we are silent? We will have DVDs available for those that want to use another tool to get the awakening to their family and friends, call or email the office. When Jesus asks you, “do you love me”, he gives you a directive, “feed my sheep.” Loving Jesus and feeding His sheep are inseparable. You can now make a decision, you can put this newsletter away and go to sleep, set down and watch television, or stand and make a difference. Man can tell you many things to help you rationalize why to do or not to do something, Jesus made it simple for us, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.” Make a decision now that will change your life, do you stand with God or man? We send His love and forgiveness to each of you, as we ask His remnant to put on their breastplate and stand in the gap for Jesus.