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Newsletter February 2006


Newsletter       AMERICA  ASLEEP kNOw MORE
FEBRUARY 2006  P.O. Box 130, Humansville, Mo. 65674 *
James 1:22-24 (nkj)  “Take a Look In The Mirror” Do you forget who you are in Christ?

Sex is a choice.  Be Informed.
Did you know? There are over 25 different types of sexually transmitted diseases and each year in the United States, nearly 4 million adolescents become infected with one or more STDs.

Teen Pregnancy
Abortion* 48% of all pregnancies that occur in individuals less than 15 years of age end in abortion.
*35% of all pregnancies that occur in individuals age 15-19 years of age end in abortion.
Pregnancy* 12% of all births in the U.S. were to females age 15-19 years.
*75% of all teen births are unmarried.
Adoption* Less than 10% of all teens choose adoption.
*This information is from an educational brochure of Pam Stenzel’s. &
We encourage you to check out  Pam’s website.  She has a lot of educational  materials for schools, youth groups  & parents.

Challenging and inspiring today’s youth
to understand the values of personal responsibility, self discipline and character.
Let Face It. Today’s teenagers are in a whole new area when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.  They’re facing consequences that teens from previous generations couldn’t even imagine. That is why it is so important to make sure that today’s teens hear straight talk…about sex, about the consequences, about life and death choices that they meet every single day.  Pam tackles today’s tough issues of sex with candor, insight and humor while challenging young people to embrace the benefits of abstinence.
Day after day teens that hear Pam’s message say, “If someone would have explained the consequences, I would have made a different choice, but  NOBODY TOLD ME.” In October, we have scheduled 6 school assemblies and a parent night in our area.  We can’t make decisions for our youth, but we can explain the consequences of their choices.

We are seeking support for this event from the Body of Christ. Some of the schools participating are helping financially. We pray that the churches will sow seeds of abstinence in their communities.
We  have resources of Pam’s to loan out for our Team Councils and for churches. Contact Donna at
or at 417-754-8774.  We have the
video “Sex Has A Price Tag” and the
video “Take A Look In The Mirror”.
(For Girls Only)
Thank you to the Arcola Christian Church Team Council for spiritual and financial support.
The Parent Night will be hosted and paid for by Harvest Assembly of God in
Fairplay.  Thank You!
“Character Matters”
Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 7p.m.
Harvest Assembly
329 Hwy 32 Fair Play, Mo. 65649
Please be in prayer for this event!
It’s TIME for the church, to minister and support our parents as well as their children. Help us educate the parents.

For the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children. 2Corinthians 12:14 nkj

Stem Cell Research
 Is This a Life Issue?
By Mark Sutherland
(The following is excerpts taken from his article.)
There are two distinct forms of stem cell research. There are no ethical concerns whatsoever with adult stem cell research.
The moral and ethical problems arise with embryonic stem cell research, which requires the killing of unborn children as part of the research process.
After years of research, there have been absolutely no success with embryonic stem cell research. But incredible successes with adult stem cell research. So why is there such an overwhelming push for embryonic research?
The simple reason so many special interest groups are pushing hard to get embryonic stem cell research funded by the government and kept legal is money. There are numerous government grants that consist of millions and millions of dollars-which is very attractive to research facilities. Then there are patents that researchers can get on stem cell lines. They can’t patent adult stem cells because you can’t patent a human. But if they are successful in denying the humanity of cloned embryos, they can then patent those cells and make money from every single cell that is created. It’s all about the almighty dollar, but as Matthew 6:24 states; You cannot serve both God and Money (NIV). Scripture is quite clear in IICorinthians 12:14. We should not sacrifice our youngest in a vain attempt to better our lives. In fact, we should sacrifice everything to ensure that our children have the best possible life.
In conclusion, this ministry believes the scientific evidence is there to prove that embryonic stem cell research creates life, then kill it. As Christians we must oppose the embryonic form of stem cell research and all types of cloning, while fully supporting the benefits and successes of adult and umbilical cord stem cell research. ( there is more to this article, if you would like a full copy we can mail it to you)
AAkM, as a ministry totally supports these views.
More additional news and information, please visit,, and

What you can do
Please write Governor Matt Blunt and Senator Jim Talent to take away their support of the deceptive initiative petition against life. Also, you can write or call your Representative and/or Senator telling them you support these bills:
SB563-Louden,HB 1044 Davis, Cynthia
Creates the presumption that a minor younger than 14 years of age who is seeking an abortion is a victim of statutory rape in the first degree and must be reported by the abortion provider.(LR#3179L.011)
HB 1075 Davis, Cynthia- Revises the requirements for course materials and instruction in public schools relating to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.(LR#3426L.041)
HB1539 Stevenson, Bryan - Establishes  Health Care Rights of Conscience Act allowing a health care professional to not participate in a health care service that violates their conscience.(LR#4765L.011)
HB 1485 Icet, Allen- Authorizes a tax credit for contributions to pregnancy resource centers. (LR#4494L.011)

    Will Your Kids be Christians?
Council News
Judy attended a meeting with “Pilots for Christ International” at the Bolivar airport. She says, “This group was from the KC/Heartland Chapter.  They were in Bolivar to start a Chapter there”. Pilots for Christ fly missions of mercy, assisting
families to get to destinations and their quest to find medical help for serious conditions. PCI is not a religion. They represent practically every Christian denomination known and are dedicated to the promotion of the gospel throughout the aviation community. For further information on this organization call:
 The Stained Glass Theatre  Presents     “THE END IS NEAR”
Several AAkM council members attended the last showing of this play, written by Ron Boutwell.  It had a great message, and it is our prayer that the many Christians that saw it will be stirred  to action and open their eyes.
If you have not been to SGT, we would encourage you to attend their next production.

Will Your Kids be Christian?
 By Bruce Shortt
Many evangelicals were shocked last June when Dr. Albert Mohler, the Southern Baptist Convention’s leading theologian, wrote that it is now time for responsible Southern Baptist to develop an exit strategy from public schools. But why should it have been shocking?  We find comfort in our delusional beliefs that “our schools are different” or that “my child is salt and light”. If we are forced to confront some of the uncomfortable facts about the government’s schools, we nervously shuffle our feet and try to change the subject. Why? The reason is our need for self deception. Recently George Barna reported that only 4% of our teens can be considered evangelical Christians. Will your children be Christians? Unless parents and pastors decide to change their priorities, the data from Barna and others demonstrate that the answer is clearly “no” for 90% or more for Christian parents. Do you care? If you do, you and your church will follow Dr. Mohler’s advice and begin developing an exit strategy from the public schools.

Bruce Shortt is the author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools.
The complete article that Bruce wrote on Will Your Kids be Christian? was featured in the St. Louis MetroVoice.
We highly recommend you subscribe to this Christian Newspaper. Editor, Jim Day is a warrior for Christ. You can call them @ (636)936-8119
By John Stormer
How Judge-made Law Has Transformed America’s Constitution, Courts and Culture. A book we highly recommend.
Praying Effectively for the Lost
By Lee E. Thomas
“…the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…”
(II Corinthians 4:4)  A must read for all.
Ozark Meth
by Dick Dixon & LauraValenti
A Journey of Destruction and Deliverance is an insightful examination of the lives of 30 methamphetamine addicts. All proceeds of this book will go towards Intervention Ministries’ continuing fight against Meth in the Ozarks. This book is available at Intervention  Ministries, 315 N. Albany, Bolivar, Mo. 65613*417-326-7352.

Matthias Burnet similarly urged:
[L]ook well to the characters and qualifications of those you elect and raise to office and places of trust…[L]et the wise counsel of Jethro… be your guide: Choose ye out from among you able men, such as fear God, men of truth and hating
covetousness and set them to rule over you. [Exodus18:21] Taken from David Barton’s “Original Intent”.

U.S House of Representatives 4th District of Missouri Congressional
Candidate: Alan Conner

As a Born-Again Christian; as a businessman and farmer; as a family man, married for 23 years to his wife Crystal, as a man with a 22 year old son attending SBU in Bolivar, Mo; Alan Conner understands the issues that affect you and the future of your family and business. Alan takes a firm and unwavering stand on moral issues.

School Board Elections
Humansville will have a School Board Forum, Tuesday, March 21.@  7pm in the Gymnasium. Get to know who you are voting for and what they stand for.
Charlotte Allen is one candidate that is running as  “a Christian, wanting to do my part in ensuring that our children receive an education in a safe morally upstanding environment”. Charlotte and her husband, Chris, have two daughters, Kayla and Sarah, in the school district.

Marshall Team Council leader, Carl Crawford, is a strong seven days a week Christian, running for School Board. Please support him and his efforts for change in our educational system.

Know the fruits of the people you are voting for. We can only make a difference for change if we elect Christians as leaders.

Please keep the “Christian Warriors” in your prayers. United, we can take back our once Christian Nation.

March 4: FACT will have a booth at the Midwest Christian Education & College Expo in Kansas City, MO.

March 30-31: FACT will have a booth at Home Educators Expo, St. Louis.

April 18: Gregory will represent AAkM at “An Awakening” in Danbury, Ct.

May 25-29:  “Shake The Nation” Summit. San Diego, Ca. Featuring: Gregory, Coach Dave, William Federer and James Hartline.

Our radio show has changed to Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. Be sure and listen to Bruce Shortt on March 14.  He will be discussing the problems in government public schools. Go to website and click on the tower to listen.

Spirit of America Hour, produced by Randy Baar, supports AAkM & FACT. Please watch his show on your local cable channel. If it is not in your area let us know.

The Sorriest Generation: by Chuck Baldwin

If the World War II generation was America's greatest generation (while it was great, I believe the founding generation was actually America's greatest), this generation is America's sorriest generation! In fact, I am ashamed of my generation. Furthermore, it seems the one coming behind me is even worse, if that's possible. If God doesn't miraculously intervene on behalf of our once great nation, we are doomed! And I do not say this lightly or without deliberation. Financially, America is bankrupt and living on borrowed monies. In all likelihood, it is beyond financial recovery. Culturally, America is decadent and, apart from divine intervention, beyond repair. Politically, America has abandoned constitutional government and is now in the hands of lawless thugs. Spiritually, America is apostate. The vast majority of America's Christian leaders are aiding and abetting our spiritual demise. Every single standard of national greatness has fallen into the basement! America has lost its identity and is fast losing its language! We have lost our Christian heritage, and most Christians either don't notice or don't care. We are losing our borders and our resolve to protect them. Foreigners control our debt, and now President Bush wants to give them control of our ports. And for the most part, foreigners even control our foreign policy. In addition, politicians and preachers alike are slaves to the rich and powerful. Beyond that, our nation has become addicted, yes, even obsessed, with sports, leisure, and gambling! Sports celebrities are more than icons, they are gods! Leisure is more than a pastime, it is the greatest motivation for living. It seems that all people dream about is having the financial ability to retire. By retirement they mean living a life without responsibility, duty, or obligation. In other words, a life of total self-absorption. And since most are unwilling or even incapable of earning such a life, gambling is the preferred method of obtaining this ultimate life of irresponsibility. Let me ask a question: what is this greedy generation going to leave their posterity? The answer is NOTHING! On the whole, this generation doesn't know how to give; it only knows how to take. This generation doesn't care about out-of-control federal spending, because its personal spending is out-of-control. It doesn't know how to hold politicians accountable to the Constitution, because it cannot even hold its own children accountable to much of anything. I am reminded of the Old Testament story of King Hezekiah who, after being told by the prophet Isaiah that his sons would be conquered by Babylon and taken into slavery and responded by saying that at least "there shall be peace in my days." In other words, as long as Hezekiah could sit on his easy chair, he just didn't care. As long as he did not have to endure the pain and affliction of divine judgment, he was satisfied. As long as he was comfortable, he didn't really care what kind of heartache and grief his children and grandchildren would be forced to experience. Everything revolved around his own peace and comfort. If you ask me, the word for that is SORRY. And if you ask me further, that is exactly where this generation of Americans finds itself today. What kind of generation is it that does not give a rip about what kind of country it is leaving for its children? What kind of spoiled, selfish brats have we become that we can be so flippant about the continual loss of our country's liberties and freedoms? What kind of self-centered monsters have we become that our great ambition in life is to sit back, do nothing, accomplish nothing, change nothing, resist nothing, and leave nothing? When the wicked King Belshazzar saw God's finger writing warnings of judgment on the wall, he trembled. He had good reason to tremble. That same night, he was killed and his kingdom conquered. To anyone with eyes to see, God is writing His warnings of judgment all over the walls of America. However, we are even worse than Belshazzar. We don't even know how to tremble!