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Newsletter March 2006



Tearing Down The Wall

 Gregory Thompson  & Coach Dave Daubenmire 

In 1801, responding to a private letter from the Danbury Baptist the phrase ”Separation of Church & State” was written by President Thomas Jefferson in response to the Baptist’ fear that the U.S. Government was going to establish the Congregationalist Church as the official denomination of the new nation. Jefferson’s reference to a wall of separation of church and state was a one way wall..a wall in which the government would have no say in the affairs of the church. His statement, miss-characterized today, was never intended to keep  God out of Government. It is the greatest lie ever perpe

Trated on the American church.   We believe, (Minutemen United) to paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s declaration to the Soviets, it is time the church declared President Jefferson’s, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! AAkM, Operation Save America and other ministries along with Minutemen United are partnering with the Churches in Danbury to hold a national rally at the scene of the crime. They have rediscovered the original location and foundation of the Danbury Baptist Church, and they will hold a solemn assembly at that site.

*They will pray for forgiveness for believing a lie, and allowing God to be stripped from his rightful position.    *Re-dedicate this ground to Christ. *Declare that God rules in the affairs of men.                                *Prophetically declare that the lie of Separation of Church & State is no longer binding on this nation.

Gregory will join Coach & Minutemen United for this event. April 18,2006 in Danbury, Connecticut.




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· Pray for the lie of “Separation of Church & State” to be exposed.


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· Pray for our Nation!


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A Season Ordered By the Lord 


A Season Ordered by the Lord is a story of Faith. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the 1st of a string of championship football seasons that the London Red Raiders experienced under the leadership of Coach Dave


Daubenmire. It is a story about football, but it is a story about so much more. It is a story of faith, and the ups and downs of a special group of young men and how they overcame obstacles on the way to a
Story-book season. From the electricity of the locker room, to the battle on the field, Coach Daubenmire allows you to peek over his shoulder at the miraculous hand of the Lord as he shapes the Red Raiders [Continued-page 2]   tests and trials of the season to mold them into a cohesive unit. This up-lifting book will inspire you to stay the course in the midst of choppy seas.
Coach Dave’s new book 1
Absent Dad Disorder 2
Dr. Scott Magill 2
“Let My Children Go” 3
Judy’s comments 3
Upcoming Events 4


Absent Dad Disorder                                                                                                                              by Coach Daubenmire
by Coach Daubenmire

Into a family, and how he uses the tests and trials of the season to mold them into a cohesive unit. This up-lifting book will inspire you to stay the course in the midst of choppy seas.
$14.99, includes shipping,

American public education is always looking for an excuse. The NEA says schools are failing because of money. Some pundits say they are failing because of student/teacher ratios. Others say it is the influx of immigrants, or (ahem) discrimination. One of the latest scapegoats is the rise of ADD. For those who may not be aware, Attention Deficit Disorder is the latest “learning disability” to
Swamp America’s school children, having been “discovered” in the latter part of the 20th century. Some “experts” estimate that as many as 20% of 5th grade white boys are receiving some type of  “medication” (drug) for the disorder. While the jury is out on the impact that it is having on American young boys’ ability to learn, I believe that this disability, real or imagined, is more environmental than biological.      More on minutemenunited.Com commentary section.

Public Awareness Meeting On Embryonic Stem Cell  Research, presented by Dr. Scott Magill or Dr. Wayne Cooper

We are proposing to each council to have a public awareness meeting regarding the deceptive Initiative Petition trying to legalize embryonic stem cell research in our state. Dr. Scott Magill, OB/GYN specialist in Springfield, member of our Springfield council and a Board Director of FACT, has put together a Power Point presentation regard
Ing this subject. It is factual, well presented and clearly stated to help you understand exactly what is being brought forth. We need to find a location, preferably a church, a date and time, and put flyers out inviting the public. Dr. Magill has agreed to make his presentation whenever we can set one up.  Representative Dr. Wayne Cooper has also
Indicated his willingness to speak on this issue. Please get your council involved at the next meeting by focusing on where & when so we can spread awareness of the truth across our state. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Missouri, 4th Congressional District Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives: Alan Conner

God, Family, Country– we must put our foundation back on God so that we can protect the children’s souls. Alan Conner understands the importance of his responsibility to you, the men and women who live and work and raise families, and build their future in the very important 4th Congressional District of Missouri. Alan knows the issues that affect you and the future of your family. Find out how you can help get a seven day a week Christian in office to help turn our country back around.
 Ll Chronicles 7:14

America  ASLEEP  Know  more

“Let My Children Go”

Prayer is the most powerful action that any of us could take and I am asking that all of you please pray for peace and direction of unity between two warriors in the fight for the Children’s souls. Two men that recognize and understand the times are talking about ways that they can help the children and parents of this nation get out of the government schools.
E. Ray Moore, retired Cornel military Chaplain, auThor of the book and with the same name as his battle cry, “Let My Children Go”, is talking to Gregory Thompson, Founder of America ASLEEP kNOw MORE, and CEO of Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers, who has been warning parents to “Run From the GovermentPublic Schools as Fast as you Can.” Pray that these men will find a way to increase God’s kingdom by unity of effort as Christian men that strongly believe

God’s ways are above man’s ways!
An urgent plea to pastors and Christian Leaders….We need a mass exodus from the government schools. Christian Education is a must. Can we put our children in a Godless system and produce, Evangelical Christians?  Christians? Believers?

Home Schooling ...but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:4b
“Train them in the way they should go…”
Proverbs 22:6
“Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren.” Deuteronomy 4:9
Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand,19“You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.
Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Home Schooling

Home Schooling, why would you want to do that to your child? That was my conception of HS. What about socialization? I sincerely felt sorry for them. Education  is the key to everything; the more you know about something, the more you know about something! Our relationship with God grows as we learn more about him. How, if we love someone, can we not share it with others?  That is how I feel about God, Christian Education & Home Schooling. If you
love your child, how can you not consider an alternative.  Socialization- who better to teach your child how to socialize than the Christian parent?  Do you believe in evolution? Why would you want your child taught something you didn’t believe?  Do you know our History books have been changed to remove Jesus  totally and they have removed God as much as they can , because Christians don’t fight it, stating, I’m a Christian, but I don’t
want religion in school because, I don’t want the other religions taught so I am willing to give up what I believe. Compromising... is that really something we can afford today?  Has your child been trained as a Missionary?  Christian teacher, would you be willing to lose your job for your faith?  If they want to take God out of the government public schools, should we take God’s gift to us, our children out too?                           Christian children NEED a Christian EDUCATION!
Judy’s Opinion

I urge each of you to read John Hagee’s book::
Jerusalem Countdown, a warning to the world. This book is an awakening to Christians all around the world. Mr. Hagee tries to back every statement  with scripture and resource evidence. “This battle for Jerusalem with Iran will effect every person on planet
Earth, ”says Mr. Hagee. Please get this book and be informed on what has already happened and see for yourself.
Shocking Information of the impending war:
 * The Pentagon’s contingency plan for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries
· The United States’ use of bunker-busting mini-nukes
· How  Russia, France and Germany are helping Iran achieve its goal of a nuclear holocaust
· How an attack on Jerusalem will affect America

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Humansville, Mo. 65674
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April 18, 2006: “Tearing Down the Wall”
Danbury, Connecticut, PRAY that the wall of “Separation of Church & State” will be torn down.
April 23, 2006: Palmer Heights Baptist Church,        Springfield, Mo. Gregory will be speaking, 6 P.M.
May 7, 2006: Mission Sunday @ Arcola Christian Church 10 A.M. Gregory will share about AAkM.
May 27, 2006: “SHAKE THE NATION”
The Watchmen on the Wall have sounded the War Trumpets, God’s Generals have called for a Holy Assembly! San Diego, California is the place, great warriors for God, Family & Country will meet to take a stand & Shake the Nation!
Gregory Thompson, Coach Dave Daubenmire, James Hartline, William Federer, Joe Larson & others will stand up, a Conference to Reclaim America!
*Details in April’s newsletter
 How could I as nothing, say anything of wisdom unless it comes from the Grace of God working through us? Yes the Grace of God is a gift that we don’t earn or deserve, but that our Lord gives freely to His children that seek Him and also to what seems a greater degree to those that surrender to Him. I could talk to you all day about that, but until you hear it with the power of the Holy Spirit, you will still think about it with the wisdom of man, which will miss the mark totally.  If you miss out on having that peace and joy beyond all understanding. How do I get to that level for myself or my family and friends? Listen to the words of Oswald J. Smith that were given to me by a friend in Christ, Lee Thomas. “Intercessory prayer is the Christian’s most effective weapon. Nothing can withstand its power. It will do things when all else has failed. And the marvel is that we turn to other agencies in order to accomplish what only prayer can bring to pass.  God has placed His mighty weapon in our hands, and He expects us to use it. How disappointed He must be when we lay it aside and substitute natural means for supernatural work.” Very few understand this gift, and it is my prayer right now, that you will pray, and as a result of our prayers, that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes and ears to a new level. Please pray that we do God’s will and that He will exponentially use us to awaken His children from coast to coast.  What if there are souls that will go to Hell if we do not do this?  Do you want to stand before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, singing “I Did It My Way”? He is letting you choose your path, and gives you the weapons and armor to sustain your battle line.  May the love and peace