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Newsletter May 2006

Putting Jesus back as the Foundation for our children’s souls

A Christian PTO
Fellowship & Association
Of Christian Teachers
Please Join Us
Membership: $30.00 a year, to bring Jesus back as the Foundation!
You can join online or contact us if you are  interested in joining the battle with us.
Go to FACT website or America ASLEEP kNOw MORE website for links about  home schooling!

Home school: Reasons to Home school
What is the value of a Christian Education?
Our first goal must be to teach our children God’s ways and His paths.                               Deuteronomy 11:18-19
There are many reasons for choosing to teach your children at home. Spiritually, socially, academically, family reasons…..            
Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore, retired Chaplin with the U.S. Military and director of Exodus Mandate said it like this, “All education is religious at some level, even if it is not articulated. All education is based on some view of God, man and the world. Neutrality in education is impossible. Many Christians are laboring under the misconception in this area. They think they can send their children to a public or government school and get facts and knowledge, and that the Sunday school program can take care of the religious education of their children…[they] don’t realize that they’re being brain washed and indoctrinated in humanism 30 hours a week and Sunday school has them one hour a week.” There is a great cultural battle, it is a war between two worldviews. It is humanism versus what the word of God teaches.  Noah Webster, the great educator said, “In America, the foundational religion was Christianity and it was sown in the hearts of Americans through the home, private, and public schools for centuries. Our liberty, growth, and prosperity were the results of a biblical philosophy of life. Our continued freedom and success is dependent upon our educating the youth of America in the principles of the Christian religion.” What good is an education if our children lose their souls for eternity.  Who can better teach your child what your beliefs are than you.

If home schooling is not an option for your family, we recommend a good Christian school.
Please join us in prayer that the local churches will step up in this    effort to help our   Christian children get a Christian education!

Educational Approaches to Home schooling
ANYONE with a desire to home educate their child can. There are several different approaches to home schooling. After you learn the different methods, you can chose how you will teach your child. Home school support groups, state laws, legal defense, curriculum, on line help, anything you would ever need is available to start teaching your child at home. Some approaches are goal oriented, hands on, structured, unit –based, special needs, can be a combination of the above. Textbook approach, using textbooks and teachers guide. Unit Studies, this is a great approach for active children. Charlotte Mason, teaching them about a subject, then exposing them to it. Classical approach, Lifestyle of learning approach and Unschooling approach. Don’t be intimidated, if you can read and write, you can teach your child.  The curriculum and teacher materials will help you through the planning and teaching. There are other home schoolers that would be willing to help you, tutors can help with harder subjects. Because the responsibility for training and educating children rest primarily with the parents,  and primarily take place around the house, parents are capable by God’s grace to accomplish this (Deuteronomy 6:7,11:19;Psalm78:5-7; Isaiah 38:19).