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Protecting the Sacred Cow

Why would the government education system (Sacred Cow) in Smith county Tennessee want to stop parents from receiving the truth so that they could protect their children. That is just what they did by asking the court to put a restraining order on a wonderful older couple from Smith county, Bill and Patsy Hewitt, who love the children and understand the times. In love and forgiveness, I ask God to deliver from evil the attorneys and administration for the Smith County School District, that are involved in an action against God, Family, and Country. As they seek ways through the courts to keep the child and family advocates from giving the parents and grandparents the truth about what is hurting the children in the government education system.

In 1983 a report issued by the National Commission on Excellence in Education said, “If a foreign power were responsible for the state of education in America we would have considered it an act of war.” And I can tell you that it has gotten worse since then.

My name is Dr. Gregory Thompson, I am now a setting school board member, a former Superintendent, principal, teacher, coach, athletic director, parent, grandparent, and a national speaker warning parents from coast to coast. I have seen the detriment to the children in spirit, mind, and body, because of the indoctrination that happens within the government schools, as the education has lessened and the social engineering has increased. As Superintendent of schools, I was the President of the Ozark Schools Superintendents, State Chairman of the Sportsmanship Committee, and asked to be on the State curriculum committee. I have worked with legislators and governors, a general and other officers, lawyers, educators at all levels, engineers, and people from all walks of life that are running from the Sacred Cow of public education all over the country. Why are they running? They are finding out the truth, and love their children so much that they are sacrificing any way they can for something much better for their children’s future.

Like parents and educators all across the country, I knew that the moral decay we face in this once great country was a result mainly of the education of the young, but surely not in my school district, it was happening somewhere else. Does that sound familiar? But the more information that I uncovered through research, the more primary source evidence that I uncovered, showed that every government school was infected in some way, and that the infection was like a growing cancer rotting from the inside. This was happening even though a majority of the teachers were Christian, just like in Smith county.

If an educator, attorney, or some front person is used to write a rebuttal to this, giving you a dog and pony show to take your eyes off of the facts; ask them to send out the information that is being handed out, so that you can be informed. The Smith County School Board by using the courts, are trying to make it difficult or impossible for the Hewitt’s to give you researched information to protect your children. Bill and Patsy Hewitt have 33 grandchildren and love all children. Bill and Patsy also have an understanding that our once great nation is being laughed at world wide, because of our education system and our morality. We were once looked at with respect and admiration all over the world with a desire to be like us, but now, missionaries are sent to America to help us turn back to God before its to late.


May the Holy Spirit give each of you an opportunity to have your eyes opened with the Truth, because the nature of the Sacred Cow is to socially engineer the children and is not interested in the truth unless the Cow makes it up.

In August,  America ASLEEP kNOw MORE  started a national campaign, hooking up with other ministries and churches to get the truth out to the parents of children in the government schools,  so that they would know why anyone would say, "run as fast as you can from the government schools."   We have given out thousands of packets to parents and other interested parties at schools and churches, so that they might know the truth.  We knew that the government education system would hook up with a courts to do whatever they could to silence the message, even to the point of lies.  As they attempt to veil their efforts, they are trying to silence the Constitutional rights of those that don't step in line with their agenda that is against God, family, and country.  If you have any questions about how to get hold of this information, please email   People are starting to wake up and many ministries are joining with Jesus to stand in harms way for the children, get with us.  The spirit, mind, and body of the children are depending on you to know the truth, and act in their behalf.

In HIS Service,

Dr. Gregory Thompson